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Kristofer Parley

Artist Statement

The world around me is portrayed in my work from my watercolour paintings to my detailed pen and ink pieces. The structures that surround me, my neighborhood and the city I call home, all play a large role in my art making. By focusing on unique angles and perspectives, some that most people will never see, affords me the ability to show the viewer something new from something old. Although reference photos are used in the development of my art, I take artistic liberties with the layout of my pieces; from making some buildings smaller and less significant to rearranging streets and modifying the locations of buildings. My art possesses both a sense of realism and whimsy that has been known to create, at times, an unnerving feeling with the viewer. With each new piece that I research and create the level of detail is greater than the one before it to the point of becoming an obsession. During my process lessons are learned, mistakes are made and future pieces benefit from those experiences.

My work has been compared to that of Wayne Thiebaud (1920 -) where his use of over saturated colours and shapes emphasize the subject matter differently than what exists in reality. Delving into the realm of new realism. My work has also been compared to that of René Magritte, where we both use light to create mood and tell a story.

My art resides in private and corporate collections in Russia, the UK and across North and South America and Asia; in print and licensed in Canada.

Photo courtesy Rick Collins