Packing Up the Studio

I slept in today. It is Sunday. We are on our own on Sundays. I layed in bed and thought about what a wonderful experience I was just a part of. KIRA is such an amazing program for Artists. I can not over emphasis this enough. Please, if you want more information or be added to the notification list for when applications will be taken, Email Masha at There are eighteen spots open for the Summer of 2020 and hundreds of applicants. (If you ever want help from me with your application, let me know.)


The studio feels different now than it did when I got here. When I was first introduced to Studio 2 It was so large and empty. It felt odd and new, forcing myself upon it. It was daunting and made me anxious to fill its walls. Now it feels like a good friend. One where long silences aren’t uncomfortable, where being barefoot while art making felt right. Now with all the walls bare and my supplies packed up into two boxes on the floor the studio feels like a new friend that has become a good friend. The same can be said about the other artists here at KIRA that I will be leaving this coming Tuesday, September 3rd.

Almost a month ago I was welcomed into this big beautiful home along with five other people. Six people, whom have never met, gather in a small New Brunswick town from all around the world and take turns buying bread for dinner. (Seriously, the bread at McGuires Chocolate is amazing) We gathered each night for dinner promptly at 6pm, we ate, we laughed, we talked shit, I learned so much from these amazing people. I am a better person because of them and a better artist because of KIRA.

It is bittersweet sitting here in the empty studio. This last month that began in a state of overwhelming bliss is ending in a comfortable state of contemplation and renewed sense of creativity. My adventure in St. Andrews may feel like it is over, but in fact it is just the beginning. My connection to this place lives on. More to come on that later…

Thanks for following along,