St. Andrews on the Sea - Lobster Roll Feast 2019

When I found out I was coming to New Brunswick all I could think about was lobster. I imagined all the different ways in which I was going to eat it; Boiled, broiled, fried, basted in butter, on toast, on a bun, on a stick, in a cone, every which way. When I finally got here I realized that there was only one real way to eat Lobster in St. Andrews and that was in a roll, The Lobster Roll. I took it upon myself, because who else would do it, to try every magnificent Lobster Roll in town and rate them from Amazing to Extraordinary.


lob·ster roll

/ˈläbstər/ /rōl/

A lobster roll is a sandwich native to New England and the Canadian Maritimes. It is made of lobster meat served on a grilled hot dog-style bun with the opening on the top rather than the side. The filling may also contain butter, lemon juice, salt and black pepper, with variants made in some parts of New England replacing the butter with mayonnaise. Other versions may contain diced celery or scallion. Potato chips or french fries are the typical sides


Lobster Rolls in order of appearance

The Gables, Lobster Roll Platter

The Gables, Lobster Roll Platter

THE GABLES, Lobster Roll Platter $17.99

The lobster roll at the Gables was the first one I got to try. In that way it is quite biased as it was the first one I had it was the most memorable of the bunch. The lobster tasted fresh and it had the right level of mayonnaise, salt and pepper mix and a dash of Old Bay seasoning. The fries were great, the bun was fresh and soft but the coleslaw was not good. It tasted like the stuff you get from KFC. That shredded green stuff, it had the “sitting in the paper cup for a few hours'“ taste that can ruin any meal. I have not been back to order this a second time.

Water Street Diner, Lobster Platter

Water Street Diner, Lobster Platter

WATER STREET DINER, Lobster Roll Platter $17.99

As soon as I walked into this diner I fell in love. It reminds me of the diner my family wons back in Langley. The ladies running around the place are endearing and remind me of people I know. I have been back to this diner many times after the initial visit (They have these fried egg rolls with Donair fillings inside, Shut up and take my money). The Lobster Roll platter was a decent size. The Lobster was fresh, they run out quite often by mid day so I timed my visit perfectly. There was a lot of lobster on my roll, the roll was a bit smaller than I remember the others being, but was tasty nonetheless. No freshly squeezed lemon on the plate. which was a shame. It didn’t really need it, but that should have been my choice. I am really grasping for something to say that is negative, but its lobster…

Lobster Roll, Kennedy Inn.

Lobster Roll, Kennedy Inn.

KENNEDY INN Lobster Roll $22.00

I’m not one hundred percent positive of the price of this roll as my friends from Ottawa that came to see me picked up the tab on this meal. I did see a sign on the sidewalk advertising a lobster roll at lunch for $22.00 so Ill go with that. I really enjoyed this lobster roll. It was awesome. The bun was larger than the rest, the lobster meat looked like lobster meat; there was loads of claw and tail meat in this one. The seasoning had a little more a kick, but well received. The fries, which lets be honest, are always important on a plate like this were horrible. They were greasy, limp and tasteless. I did not finish them. I would definitely go back and have this roll again, without the fries. The Coleslaw was also hands down the best coleslaw I had here in New Brunswick.

The LumberJack, Lobster Roll

The LumberJack, Lobster Roll

THE LUMBERJACK, Lobster Roll $15.00

This Lobster Roll was suggested to me as the one to beat. For the hefty price, all you get is the roll. No Fries, no coleslaw, no lemon wedge. This roll was bursting with some of the nicest, perfectly seasoned, tastiest lobster of them all. All in all a very decent Lobster Roll. I also bought some amazing fudge from this place and they also have a Donair Sub sandwich that will blow your mind. Seriously, I will be going back for that a few more times between now and Sept 2nd.

The Clam Digger, Lobster Roll

The Clam Digger, Lobster Roll

THE CLAM DIGGER, Lobster Roll $15.99

Last but definitely not least, the Lobster Roll from the Clam DIgger shack a few miles outside of town. This one was very nice. Fresh, juicy, perfectly seasoned Lobster in a fresh roll, snuggled into a layer of butter lettuce with a lemon wedge. The layer of butter lettuce enabled you to squeeze as much or as little of that lemon juice as you wanted without the bun getting soggy. Not sure if that was their intention but kudos regardless. I also had a Fried clam Platter, I had to let the Clams redeem themselves after my food poisoning episode the first week I was here, and boy did they ever. The platter was massive, piled high with whole fried clams on top of some of the best fries I have had in a long time. I was a very happy BEAR.


So my most favorite Lobster Roll is…

only taking in account the Lobster Roll itself, not the fries or the coleslaw or the amazing fried clams that were ordered with it, my favourite Lobster Roll in St. Andrews on the Sea is

KENNEDY INN Lobster Roll.

I’d go back and have the Lobster Roll again, a salad and a ton of that colselaw.

The Kennedy.jpg

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