A busy few days...

So I was expecting to go to St. John NB on Thursday as a tag along with one of the amazing employees of Kingsbrae as she went to a Doctors appointment but she had family stuff come up and was unable to go. We have since rescheduled for Monday. I wanted to share some images from St John as there is some places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do. That will have to wait for now.

I did want to talk about the house that I am staying in. The Hillcrest, a 100+ Edwardian design home that sits next door to the big beautiful home of its owner and the owner of Kingsbrae Gardens .

I have shared pictures of the interior of the home on this blog but not of my room. I am in the attic of the home, the attic has been divided into two identical rooms by a locked door. I have my own bathroom, a LARGE jacuzzi tub, a door that lead out to a very small deck that faces west. This room is called the Sunset room. It looks out onto the Algonquin hotel where Stephen King wrote his infamous novel, “The Shining”.

I will have to tell you some ghost stories from my experiences in this attic bedroom. Doors opening, creaking sounds, weird feelings like someone or something is watching me, its weird stuff.

Thanks for following along,