A Photo Tour of Kingsbrae Gardens

The sun was starting to set around 8:30 yesterday and I was suddenly compelled to explore the gardens. The evening light was perfect and I took the short five minute walk down past the studios, through Mr. Flemers private estate and entered the garden past the locked gate. The last time I walked the gardens with my friends from out of town, the employees were bustling around in there carts, trimming hedges and bushes and picking weeks from every bed. Tonight I had the garden almost to myself.

The photos below will be labelled the best I can, let me know in the comments if I have labelled anything wrong or if you can add anything.

Tomorrow I am heading into St John with Sarah, our wonderful housemother. She makes life here that much more beautiful. I am also going to try another local Lobster Roll, which will be my last one, it is like the pokemon of Lobster Rolls, You have to eat them all. I will be doing a post about that soon. It’ll be a fun one I promise.

As always, thanks for following along. If you have any questions or comments, or you want to see something I haven’t shown yet, I have turned on the comments section. Ask away!!