Sixteen days till New Brunswick..


Back in September 2018 I applied for an artist residency at the Kingsbrae gardens in St. Andrews on the Sea in New Brunswick. The Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts (KIRA) takes place during the months of June through August. Five to six artists stay on the property for a month and create art in an amazingly beautiful location. I applied to the residency and didn’t tell a soul for a few months. I didn’t want to jinx the whole thing. In early January 2019 I received an email from KIRA asking me for a mailing address. I was convinced I was going to receive a rejection letter in the mail. I decided I did not get in. The very next day I received another email offering me the residency. I am pretty sure I screamed out loud and jumped around my studio. When Nathan, my ultra supportive and loving husband, got home I instantly began to cry and couldn’t stop happy dancing. Over the last seven months I have been planning for my trip. Lists have been made, checked, re-written and re-checked and I am now sixteen days from departure. Art supplies from Opus Art Supplies and Island Blue Print are on there way and will meet me in New Brunswick. Everything is accounted for and on schedule. Why then am I so stressed out?