Ghost Stories

During my stay in the Sunset Room in the attic of the Hillcrest House at KIRA I felt like I was always being watched. At night the room was pitch black. I could not see 6” in front of my face.

St. Andrews is a small town of about 1700 people, off season. It is on the shores of the Bay of Fundy and a few miles from the State of Maine. The Algonquin Hotel is a huge hotel that overlooks the town. It was the inspiration for the Overlook hotel in Stephen King’s “The Shining”. It was also written there.

The Algonquin Hotel. You would drive through the opening to the right to get in and out of the downtown core.

The Algonquin Hotel. You would drive through the opening to the right to get in and out of the downtown core.

One night, earlier in August we had three days of thick dense fog. My room was in the attic of the house, the room has two small windows facing north and south and a small patio facing west, it was called the Sunset room. I left the north facing window and the partio door open almost all the time, unless the rains came in sideways and I had to close them. One night, during the fog, I was laying on my bed on my laptop processing some images and writing a blog post and I looked up just in time to see the thick fog start to come into my room through my open door. I expected the fog to dissipate as it mixed with the air in my room. It did not. Soon my room was full of fog, once it reached my oscillating fan the fast air pushed the fog in all directions stirring the air into large swift movements similar to an airplane through a cloud. I watched the fog move around my room for a few minutes until it faded away. I felt lucky to have experienced it. When I told my story of the fog to the locals, i was told that “the fog just does that here”.

The light on in the attic, the Sunset Room.

The light on in the attic, the Sunset Room.

The door to my room led down a set of winding stairs to the second floor. It was a wooden door with many panes of glass covered with a set of blinds for privacy. At night I would lock the door from the inside. I had the only keys to the door on the desk inside the room. One night, after locking the door and jumping in the tub in the bathroom, I went to bed. The room was dark. There are no street lights on Prince of Wales street. There is a flood light on the house across the street some hundred and fifty feet away. I woke up in the morning around 6:45am as usual and my bedroom door was open to 45 degrees. I know that door was locked. I was sure of it. After that, I began to place a chair in front of the door to prevent the same thing happening.

Each night, I would turn off the light next to my bed and would be engulfed into pure darkness until my eyes became accustomed to the darkness. While I laid there waiting to either fall asleep or for my eye to dilate and take in more light, I had an overwhelming feeling that there was an older person, most likely a man standing over me, with his face just slightly above my face. Of course I couldn’t see him but I sure could sense someone there.

The fog played a large part in the atmosphere at KIRA.

The fog played a large part in the atmosphere at KIRA.

I also had some other little things happen. My keys to the house would disappear in my room only to be found on the desk where I left them hours later. My Iphone charging cable would be found unplugged and under my bed, across the room from where I had it plugged into the wall. My room had two twin beds, I slept on the one away from the wall. My bed creaked every time I moved during the night. One night I lay there trying to stay still to prevent the bed from making any noise. Just as I was about to fall asleep the bed next to creaked as if someone had just laid down on it. I came very close to grabbing my blanket and sleeping in the parlour downstairs for the night. I chalked it up to a playful presence, possibly a child, that was just having fun with me. It became humorous after a while. Playful.

While I worked in Studio 2 during the day and night I sat looking out of the wide patio style doors. The view was of the other studios, the amphitheatre and a sky filled with clouds. With my head down, full focus on my art piece on my table at the moment I frequently saw what I call ‘Shadow People’ out of the corner of my eyes. Little flashes of movement reminiscent of human activity. Like a glimpse of a person from another dimension or place in time or a flash of a ghost before it became invisible again. I would see movement regularly during the day and night and I would hold my gaze for longer and longer each time to see if the shadow person would get closer or become more real, I would then look up and focus on the movement hoping to catch a full glimpse of someone or something. I never did.


I never had any feeling that I was in danger during my stay at KIRA.

After I got home, I received an email from the KIRA Coordinator. She said that there was another group of people staying at the house. Two women shared the room I was staying in. They said that they witnessed what sounded like a young boy in the room. I doubt that the attic will be a frequented room in the home from now on.

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Back to Reality, Missing KIRA

I arrived in Victoria BC on Tuesday night at 8:30pm. It was a long day of travelling, from 7am EST to 8pm PST. Out of St.John NB to Montreal QC to Vancouver BC to Victoria BC, with layovers in between. I was so very excited to get home and see my husband Nathan and my miniature daschund, Whalley. After I got home we had to hit up some sushi. I missed sushi almost the most. it was so amazing.

Below are some of my favourite images from my time in St.Andrews.

My next post will be a series of experiences I had while staying in the attic of the Hillcrest house. I wouldn’t say that they are going to be ghost stories per se but my encounters could be deemed a little weird or spiritual in nature.

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Packing Up the Studio

I slept in today. It is Sunday. We are on our own on Sundays. I layed in bed and thought about what a wonderful experience I was just a part of. KIRA is such an amazing program for Artists. I can not over emphasis this enough. Please, if you want more information or be added to the notification list for when applications will be taken, Email Masha at There are eighteen spots open for the Summer of 2020 and hundreds of applicants. (If you ever want help from me with your application, let me know.)


The studio feels different now than it did when I got here. When I was first introduced to Studio 2 It was so large and empty. It felt odd and new, forcing myself upon it. It was daunting and made me anxious to fill its walls. Now it feels like a good friend. One where long silences aren’t uncomfortable, where being barefoot while art making felt right. Now with all the walls bare and my supplies packed up into two boxes on the floor the studio feels like a new friend that has become a good friend. The same can be said about the other artists here at KIRA that I will be leaving this coming Tuesday, September 3rd.

Almost a month ago I was welcomed into this big beautiful home along with five other people. Six people, whom have never met, gather in a small New Brunswick town from all around the world and take turns buying bread for dinner. (Seriously, the bread at McGuires Chocolate is amazing) We gathered each night for dinner promptly at 6pm, we ate, we laughed, we talked shit, I learned so much from these amazing people. I am a better person because of them and a better artist because of KIRA.

It is bittersweet sitting here in the empty studio. This last month that began in a state of overwhelming bliss is ending in a comfortable state of contemplation and renewed sense of creativity. My adventure in St. Andrews may feel like it is over, but in fact it is just the beginning. My connection to this place lives on. More to come on that later…

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KIRA Final Exhibition

Friday, August 30th.

Last night marked the end of a very creative period in my life. Twenty four days of art making with days starting at 8:30am and ending at midnight or later; with late nights and early mornings in the studio listening to my music as loud as my little bluetooth speaker could go. My studio time was amazing. The best time spent there were days I could watch the weather. Huge level horizons, (no mountains out here) and even bigger skies showcased clouds so large they lasted for hours and rain storms that lasted for days. I experienced fog so dense it would enter the house and move throughout the rooms, reminding me of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. Lightning and thunder storms that would come and go, one day we had four distinctly different lightning storms with patches of sun in between them.

During my time here at KIRA and Kingsbae I was inspired by everything that surrounded me. The other Artists pushed me and understood my process, at least as much of it as I was willing to share. The village of St. Andrews supported me and welcomed me into their businesses, quickly learned my name and greeted me with it. During my time here I was creating art in an unbelievable pace. I have never had the opportunity to focus so much of my time on my art, with two part time jobs back in Victoria, working 32 hours a week, I do not get the time to be this immersed in my art.

Last night we started on the back patio of the Hillcrest house, otherwise known as the KIRA house, where we welcomed the visitors to the final Exhibition of our work. Ginger Marcinkowski started it off with a reading of one of her stories she wrote while here at KIRA. Ginger and I have shared many a walk in and around town and have explored the culinary landscape here in St. Andrews.


We then moved to Studio One and witnessed the progression of Chantal Houle’s acrylic paintings. Chantal is one of the funniest people here at KIRA. Just the simple act of her making a face, I break into laughter and tears.

Chantal’s work, acrylic on canvas.

Chantal’s work, acrylic on canvas.

Next was my turn. As a group we walked from Studio One to my studio where I began a short talk about my experiences with KIRA and the origins of my pieces. I then told the other artists that they would each be taking home a painting of their studio space here at KIRA. I created a polyptych (more than 3 panels) of six panels each with one of the five studios on it. The sixth panel has the Hillcrest house on it with Ginger’s bedroom lights on. I received hugs from all the artists and tears from Nadine. Mission accomplished.

Mr Eric Hibit, watercolour artist extraordinaire is in Studio Three. This guy would get up every morning at first light and go paint plein aire in at Kingsbrae Gardens till late morning or when the gardens started to get too overrun by tourists. Each days he would have a new painting completed, run 6 miles and purchase a whole bunch of new antiques all before noon. He was very inspirational. I will miss the way he says “Kristofer”.

I learned a lot from this man. I learned a lot from all the artists here at KIRA. After dinners we would sit around the table and talk about art, life and everything under the stars. I would listen to Nadine, Chantal, Vim, Ginger and Eric talk for hours about things I had no idea about.

I learned a lot from this man. I learned a lot from all the artists here at KIRA. After dinners we would sit around the table and talk about art, life and everything under the stars. I would listen to Nadine, Chantal, Vim, Ginger and Eric talk for hours about things I had no idea about.

Nadine Flagel. Professor, Mother, writer, rug-hooker, fellow west coaster, friend. Nadine’s work has been a fountain of creativity for me here at KIRA. Her use of colour and texture are awe inspiring and her attention to detail is awesome. Her laugh will fill a room and her laser eyes will cut you down to pieces.


Last but not least, Wim Schermer is our installation artist here at KIRA. In our short time here Wim (Pronounced VIM) has taught me how to experiment and explore the surroundings. His mind works so much different from mine, he is eager to learn what new things do, no matter the consequences. He played with fire and wax and soot. He closed off the final exhibition with a group activity and it was lovely.


This group of artists started out as strangers and during the last 4 weeks have learned to become house mates, developed friendships and touched each others hearts. My time here in St. Andrews, at KIRA and with these other artists has affected me to my core and I am so very grateful for this opportunity.


Thanks for following along, my next post will be coming soon since I have no art to make for the next few days. Let me know if there is something you want to know about my time here.


Preview of Art created at KIRA 2019

Hello all. The last big push to complete all my pieces for tonight’s exhibition is over. I stayed in the gallery until 11:30pm last night painting and varnishing the last two pieces and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning at 8:30am to get the hanging hardware on and the last bit of varnishing. I even had a moment to organize my studio, clear my table, go through my supplies to see what I wanted to ship back home, donate or try and sell.

Below you will see the pieces I have created entirely here in St. Andrews, NB. Nothing was brought from home drawn or half finished. All pieces are made from photos I took in St. Andrews (with the exception of the lightning strike, That is one photo I tried for days to get, never could) A few of the pieces have been purchased already, a couple in Toronto bought “The Gables'“ piece and a friend back east has purchased “The Gallery”. If you see something you like, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy this preview of my work.

If you did want a piece, please email me at as soon as possible, I am unsure how the exhibition and sale will go tonight and tomorrow.

Again, thanks for following along…


St. Andrews on the Sea - Lobster Roll Feast 2019

When I found out I was coming to New Brunswick all I could think about was lobster. I imagined all the different ways in which I was going to eat it; Boiled, broiled, fried, basted in butter, on toast, on a bun, on a stick, in a cone, every which way. When I finally got here I realized that there was only one real way to eat Lobster in St. Andrews and that was in a roll, The Lobster Roll. I took it upon myself, because who else would do it, to try every magnificent Lobster Roll in town and rate them from Amazing to Extraordinary.


lob·ster roll

/ˈläbstər/ /rōl/

A lobster roll is a sandwich native to New England and the Canadian Maritimes. It is made of lobster meat served on a grilled hot dog-style bun with the opening on the top rather than the side. The filling may also contain butter, lemon juice, salt and black pepper, with variants made in some parts of New England replacing the butter with mayonnaise. Other versions may contain diced celery or scallion. Potato chips or french fries are the typical sides


Lobster Rolls in order of appearance

The Gables, Lobster Roll Platter

The Gables, Lobster Roll Platter

THE GABLES, Lobster Roll Platter $17.99

The lobster roll at the Gables was the first one I got to try. In that way it is quite biased as it was the first one I had it was the most memorable of the bunch. The lobster tasted fresh and it had the right level of mayonnaise, salt and pepper mix and a dash of Old Bay seasoning. The fries were great, the bun was fresh and soft but the coleslaw was not good. It tasted like the stuff you get from KFC. That shredded green stuff, it had the “sitting in the paper cup for a few hours'“ taste that can ruin any meal. I have not been back to order this a second time.

Water Street Diner, Lobster Platter

Water Street Diner, Lobster Platter

WATER STREET DINER, Lobster Roll Platter $17.99

As soon as I walked into this diner I fell in love. It reminds me of the diner my family wons back in Langley. The ladies running around the place are endearing and remind me of people I know. I have been back to this diner many times after the initial visit (They have these fried egg rolls with Donair fillings inside, Shut up and take my money). The Lobster Roll platter was a decent size. The Lobster was fresh, they run out quite often by mid day so I timed my visit perfectly. There was a lot of lobster on my roll, the roll was a bit smaller than I remember the others being, but was tasty nonetheless. No freshly squeezed lemon on the plate. which was a shame. It didn’t really need it, but that should have been my choice. I am really grasping for something to say that is negative, but its lobster…

Lobster Roll, Kennedy Inn.

Lobster Roll, Kennedy Inn.

KENNEDY INN Lobster Roll $22.00

I’m not one hundred percent positive of the price of this roll as my friends from Ottawa that came to see me picked up the tab on this meal. I did see a sign on the sidewalk advertising a lobster roll at lunch for $22.00 so Ill go with that. I really enjoyed this lobster roll. It was awesome. The bun was larger than the rest, the lobster meat looked like lobster meat; there was loads of claw and tail meat in this one. The seasoning had a little more a kick, but well received. The fries, which lets be honest, are always important on a plate like this were horrible. They were greasy, limp and tasteless. I did not finish them. I would definitely go back and have this roll again, without the fries. The Coleslaw was also hands down the best coleslaw I had here in New Brunswick.

The LumberJack, Lobster Roll

The LumberJack, Lobster Roll

THE LUMBERJACK, Lobster Roll $15.00

This Lobster Roll was suggested to me as the one to beat. For the hefty price, all you get is the roll. No Fries, no coleslaw, no lemon wedge. This roll was bursting with some of the nicest, perfectly seasoned, tastiest lobster of them all. All in all a very decent Lobster Roll. I also bought some amazing fudge from this place and they also have a Donair Sub sandwich that will blow your mind. Seriously, I will be going back for that a few more times between now and Sept 2nd.

The Clam Digger, Lobster Roll

The Clam Digger, Lobster Roll

THE CLAM DIGGER, Lobster Roll $15.99

Last but definitely not least, the Lobster Roll from the Clam DIgger shack a few miles outside of town. This one was very nice. Fresh, juicy, perfectly seasoned Lobster in a fresh roll, snuggled into a layer of butter lettuce with a lemon wedge. The layer of butter lettuce enabled you to squeeze as much or as little of that lemon juice as you wanted without the bun getting soggy. Not sure if that was their intention but kudos regardless. I also had a Fried clam Platter, I had to let the Clams redeem themselves after my food poisoning episode the first week I was here, and boy did they ever. The platter was massive, piled high with whole fried clams on top of some of the best fries I have had in a long time. I was a very happy BEAR.


So my most favorite Lobster Roll is…

only taking in account the Lobster Roll itself, not the fries or the coleslaw or the amazing fried clams that were ordered with it, my favourite Lobster Roll in St. Andrews on the Sea is

KENNEDY INN Lobster Roll.

I’d go back and have the Lobster Roll again, a salad and a ton of that colselaw.

The Kennedy.jpg

Thanks for following along,

I’ll be previewing my new pieces for the final Exhibition here at KIRA on Friday, August 30th here in my next post.



A busy few days...

So I was expecting to go to St. John NB on Thursday as a tag along with one of the amazing employees of Kingsbrae as she went to a Doctors appointment but she had family stuff come up and was unable to go. We have since rescheduled for Monday. I wanted to share some images from St John as there is some places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do. That will have to wait for now.

I did want to talk about the house that I am staying in. The Hillcrest, a 100+ Edwardian design home that sits next door to the big beautiful home of its owner and the owner of Kingsbrae Gardens .

I have shared pictures of the interior of the home on this blog but not of my room. I am in the attic of the home, the attic has been divided into two identical rooms by a locked door. I have my own bathroom, a LARGE jacuzzi tub, a door that lead out to a very small deck that faces west. This room is called the Sunset room. It looks out onto the Algonquin hotel where Stephen King wrote his infamous novel, “The Shining”.

I will have to tell you some ghost stories from my experiences in this attic bedroom. Doors opening, creaking sounds, weird feelings like someone or something is watching me, its weird stuff.

Thanks for following along,


A Photo Tour of Kingsbrae Gardens

The sun was starting to set around 8:30 yesterday and I was suddenly compelled to explore the gardens. The evening light was perfect and I took the short five minute walk down past the studios, through Mr. Flemers private estate and entered the garden past the locked gate. The last time I walked the gardens with my friends from out of town, the employees were bustling around in there carts, trimming hedges and bushes and picking weeks from every bed. Tonight I had the garden almost to myself.

The photos below will be labelled the best I can, let me know in the comments if I have labelled anything wrong or if you can add anything.

Tomorrow I am heading into St John with Sarah, our wonderful housemother. She makes life here that much more beautiful. I am also going to try another local Lobster Roll, which will be my last one, it is like the pokemon of Lobster Rolls, You have to eat them all. I will be doing a post about that soon. It’ll be a fun one I promise.

As always, thanks for following along. If you have any questions or comments, or you want to see something I haven’t shown yet, I have turned on the comments section. Ask away!!


Our second day of Open Studios at KIRA

Today was a great day. No other way to describe than ‘Great’. I’ve been waking up before my alarm clock lately, up around 6:25am; alarm is set for 7am. I planned out my day, dressed and went down for breakfast. The other artists, Vim, Chantal and Ginger joined soon after. Eric and Nadine were either up hours earlier or slow to rise. I think I may be the only artist that is excited for the open studios here at KIRA, but I love the interactions with the public. The TD Art Gallery paint-in is my favourite time of the year. I love chatting with hundreds (thousands) of people in a day. I headed to the studio and began to clean and plan my morning.

The view from my studio. Not today though. Today the fog was so thick I couldn’t see fifty feet in front of me.

The view from my studio. Not today though. Today the fog was so thick I couldn’t see fifty feet in front of me.

The open studios run from 10am to 1pm. Due to the thick fog and super fine mist like rain showers people didn’t arrive until closer to 10:30. For such wild weather a fair sized group came in to see our progress through the week and quite a few people from last weeks open studio session returned as well.

Below are some images from this morning before I worked on these during the day. Usually, I am not very forthcoming with pictures of my pieces in progress. It feels weird to show them before they are done. That said, take them all in!

On that note. I’m exhausted. I’ll have more to show tomorrow and some exciting news to share as well. Thanks again for following along.


Kingsbrae Gardens

Again I have to apologize for the long time between posts to this blog. It has been a very busy few days. Firstly, thanks to everyone that is following along with my New Brunswick Adventure. The main reason I wanted to do this blog was because I wanted to stay off of social media while I was here, this format allowed me to update my progress in one central location.

This week started off poorly with a long bout of food poisoning. It was horrible. Luckily I am surrounded by caring and compassionate people and I was well looked after. It must have killed Nathan that he wasn’t here to look after me.

I was then visited by two old friends that made the trek out from Ottawa to see me and some other friends on one of the many islands around this neck of Canada. It was a wonderful evening. We had dinner at the Kennedy Inn, where they stayed the night, and then we walked along Front street and the pier and then we said our goodbyes for the evening.

Front Street Pier - Should I paint this?

Front Street Pier - Should I paint this?

This beautifully done renovation just outside of downtown St Andrews. If I could get something like this I’d be down to live here. I really really really want to paint this.

This beautifully done renovation just outside of downtown St Andrews. If I could get something like this I’d be down to live here. I really really really want to paint this.


The next day, David, Steve and I went for a drive and discovered some of the beautiful areas around town. We hit Katy’s Cove, it reminded me of the beach at Camp Crystal Lake. We then went to Ministers Island, but the tide was coming in way too quickly so we ended up at the St Andrews Blockhouse National Historic site. The beach was amazing. Looked like what a beach on Mars would look like.

The Red beach was awesome to see. So very different from the beaches on the West Coast.

The Red beach was awesome to see. So very different from the beaches on the West Coast.

After that, the three of us headed up to Kingsbrae Gardens to check out the grounds. It was so beautiful. My pictures do not do it justice but I wanted to share with you the splendor of the gardens. Check out a video i found online of the gardens below.

I promise this will only be an introduction to the gardens. I will share with you some pictures of the gardens in the next few days. Tomorrow is another open studio for the public. After tomorrow I will share with you some of the art that I have been working on and some that I have finished,

Check back soon for another update in the days to come. Thanks for following along.


Open Studios

The open studios on saturday went awesome. During the week I was able to get quite a bit of drawing done so that the visitors could see what I am working towards and hopefully get an idea of what is still to come. I think there was about 45-50 visitors that day. It was a good turn out. Later saturday night, there was a concert at the Amphitheatre that is literally in my backyard. One of the contestants for this years season of the Voice was here for a fundraiser for Katies cove. He name was Lisa Ramey, she was one of John Legends proteges. Her voice was amazing. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in my studio and draw and create to her music. So cool. I am lucky that a large part on my artistic process is involves music.

58716926023__5EF98CAC-1654-4061-A4FA-701C93A23F4A 2.jpg

Unfortunately I have come down with a horrible case of food poisoning. I think it is from the fried clams I had on Saturday afternoon. All saturday night right into sunday afternoon I was down for the count. I didn’t leave my room for 18 hours. I then ate dinner with the other artists last night as I was feeling much better. The meal was amazing, braised Lamb shank, mushrooms and these amazing mashed potatoes. Bad Idea. It is now Monday morning and I am still in my bedroom resting, staying near the bathroom. Its tea and toast for me for the remainder of the day. Lucky for me, Ginger, one of the other resident artists made me some chicken noodle soup, folded my laundry and is looking after me. We have begun to call her Mamacita. All of the artists that I am sharing this spectacular opportunity with are amazing! Each and every one of us will leave here in three weeks knowing that we have had such an amazing opportunity given to us.

The other artists, Chantal, Wim, myself, Masha (Art Programme Coordinator) Nadine and Eric. Ginger is taking the picture.

The other artists, Chantal, Wim, myself, Masha (Art Programme Coordinator) Nadine and Eric. Ginger is taking the picture.

My next entry will be showcasing the Kingsbrae Garden next door. I cannot wait to explore it later today.

What a whirlwind!

The last few days here at KIRA have been a whirlwind of adventures and new experiences. I apologize for not spending more time at writing down my stories here. I promise, going forward, to put aside a little time every day to document my time here.


Today I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took from inside the Kingsbae mansion.

This home is magical. This experience is indescribable.

This morning is the first of three open studios here at KIRA. Check back for my next post on how it went today.

A little about where I am going...

When I land in St John NB this coming tuesday afternoon, after a long five hour layover in Toronto, I will be picked up by a Kingsbrae Gardens employee and driven to my new home for 4 weeks in St. Andrews by the Sea. I should get there around 5:30-6:00pm. Just in time for dinner. If you don’t know where St. Andrews is or what is so great about it, check out the video below.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 8.13.32 PM.png

Victoria BC to St. Andrews NB is 5700km’s.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 8.20.33 PM.png

Eleven Days

My husband Nathan and I at the Paint-in on July 20th, 2019. Always such an amazing experience.

My husband Nathan and I at the Paint-in on July 20th, 2019. Always such an amazing experience.

Now that the TD Art Gallery Paint-in is done and a success I can now focus all my attention to my impending trip to New Brunswick. Since January, I have had a plethora of projects and events that took precedents and priority of my available energy and focus. Now that I am free and clear of any projects, my obsessive laser-like focus can zero in on my trip.

My biggest stresses for this trip include the shipping of my art supplies and the flight to New Brunswick. I purchased my supplies from two locations. Opus art supplies, where I work part time, afforded me a wonderful discount and free shipping on the majority of the items I needed. I also had to get some of these amazing long, thin wooden cradle boards (3”x18” and 3”x30”) from Island Blue Print. The supplies from Opus have already arrived at Kingsbrae Gardens. Island Blue is scheduled for a Monday delivery. This is definitely a load off of my mind as I was prepared to encounter shipping issues.

The flight to St. John NB was purchased back in February. I upgraded my seats to emergency aisle ones and paid the extra fees to do so. Since February there has been 5-6 itinerary changes. Each time they make a minor change I have to recheck the seats that I have reserved and ensure they’re the same ones I paid extra for.

On the bright side, instead of a 4 hour layover in Toronto on the way home, I have a two hour layover in Montreal and two hours in Vancouver before I get back home to Victoria. It will be a thirteen hour trip home. I’m already exhausted.

Sixteen days till New Brunswick..


Back in September 2018 I applied for an artist residency at the Kingsbrae gardens in St. Andrews on the Sea in New Brunswick. The Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts (KIRA) takes place during the months of June through August. Five to six artists stay on the property for a month and create art in an amazingly beautiful location. I applied to the residency and didn’t tell a soul for a few months. I didn’t want to jinx the whole thing. In early January 2019 I received an email from KIRA asking me for a mailing address. I was convinced I was going to receive a rejection letter in the mail. I decided I did not get in. The very next day I received another email offering me the residency. I am pretty sure I screamed out loud and jumped around my studio. When Nathan, my ultra supportive and loving husband, got home I instantly began to cry and couldn’t stop happy dancing. Over the last seven months I have been planning for my trip. Lists have been made, checked, re-written and re-checked and I am now sixteen days from departure. Art supplies from Opus Art Supplies and Island Blue Print are on there way and will meet me in New Brunswick. Everything is accounted for and on schedule. Why then am I so stressed out?