Varnishing A Watercolour. 24x36. St. Ann’s Cathedral

This is a timelapse video of the application of a brush on UVLS varnish on a prepared watercolour piece. The Painting has been sprayed with a crystal clear gloss acrylic spray, creating an isolation coat. This isolation coat will prevent any moisture from reactivating any of the watercolour paint. I use Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic spray to isolate, GOLDEN paints Polymer UVLS Gloss Varnish. I apply 2 - 3 coats.


Applying Gel Medium as adhesive for 300lb watercolour paper on custom wooden cradle panel. 40 x 60.

The custom panel has been prepared with three coats of GOLDEN GAC 100 to seal the wooden panel. This prevents any discolouration from the substrate, seals the surface from moisture damage and creates a surface that promotes better adhesion. Then, a GOLDEN Soft Gel is used as a 'glue’. GOLDEN’S Gel is acid free and easy to apply. I add the gel liberally to the surface, I then apply the paper, roll out any and all bubbles and weigh the paper down with what I have available.