This piece was inspired by the photography of an old highschool friend. His photography inspired me immensely. Since he lives and works just outside of Lethbridge Alberta. With my first exhibition outside of British Columbia coming up quickly I was unable to take my reference photos for the images. Joshua Knutson was gracious enough for me to use some of his images. I am indebted to him for this wonderful gift. Please check out his instagram HERE


Lethbridge Chinatown

This piece started as a rejected commission piece. Instead of letting it go to waste I finished the piece. It was a fun one to do and felt good to finish it and have it be shared with the community it is from.


Calgary Tower

I had a lot of fun painting this piece. Getting to know Calgary piece by piece was a great process for me.

Bow River (Left & Right)

This is one of my most favourite pieces I have done to date. The details and the colours were a ton of fun to do.

Downtown Calgary

I am in love with this piece as well. The cool and warm colours work off of each other well.